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Customized orders

Want to order a special birthday cake with one-of-a-kind decoration? Or have a favorite flavor that is not on our regular collection? Or maybe need some small “finger” healthy desserts for a party? We can create something specifically for you.

All our products are vegan, free from added refined sugar, gluten or soy, so our fika satisfies any allergy or diet preference (except severe nut allergy)


Some special occasion coming up and you want to impress your guests with delicious healthy desserts? Birthday, baby shower, staff party – we are here for you. Whether is it a cake of small sweet snacks, a party for 200 people or 2 – just let us know. There no party that is too big. There is no party that is too small  
In collaboration with Vegan Delights Sweden we can even deliver premium class pralines in addition to cakes and desserts.

Price : from 25 SEK/person

Please, fill I the form below or contact us via mail PGEgY2xhc3MgPSAibF9tYWlsIGxfbmV3X3dpbmRvdyIgaHJlZj0ibWFpbHRvOmFkbWluQHNmb29kaWVzLmNvbSIgdGFyZ2V0PV9ibGFuaz5hZG1pbkBzZm9vZGllcy5jb208L2E+ for more details

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