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Raw Cakes vs. Traditional

So much alike and yet so different…. Yes, both are cakes. Both are delicious. Both would be consumed as a dessert. Both are a good reason for a coffee break. But there’s, however, a huge difference

First, there is hardly any ingredients that would correlate. Maybe nuts and berries, but that’s it. If you read the ingredients lists you’d see that they have very little in common.

Secondly, flavor. I honestly think raw cakes are richer in flavor, because I often find traditional desserts tasting nothing but sweet. What I love about raw cakes is that one can actually taste the real food there – a kick of raspberry, a tone of almond, a slight hint of maple…

Then, of course, the effect on your body. Traditional desserts, as fantastic as they are, would mostly be empty. Refined sugar, flour, vegetable oil – all these ingredients are highly processed and give very little nutritious value. Meanwhile raw desserts are made of whole ingredients and would be much richer in vitamins and minerals.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to show a magic trick here. It is still a dessert. It should be consumed in moderation. Natural sweetener is still sugar. It’s a slightly less unhealthy alternative because it contains some nutrients, but, nevertheless – it’s sugar. And in case you still believe that “healthy” means “low-fat” “low-calorie” – it’s not the case. Raw sweets are very rich in calories because of nuts and seeds. But it’s not the amount of calories that counts – it’s the quality. And raw desserts are really nutritiously dense.

And yes, it's "free-from". Which, if case you're generally healthy, you wouldn't really care about. In most cases. But lets look a little deeper at it - it's free from... inflammatory triggers. Because products that are mosty associated with chronical inflammation are: refined sugar, soy, gluten, anti-nutrients on nuts, legumes and grains (that's why we soak them in probiotics) and dairy. Therefore, raw sweets are probably less likely to cause inflammation than traditional sweets.  

There is one more thing, which is by the way, my personal favorite. It’s that you avoid sugar kicks, then crush and, finally, a “food coma”. This is the thing that disturbs me most when eating a traditional cake + coffee. First you think you have the energy and then you just feel cheated… And in a raw cake you get a content of a pre-workout energy bar. Which means it will actually give you a boost until your next meal. That’s basically what makes me choose a raw cake over a traditional – I know I’ll feel much better after it. Today.

Because, frankly speaking, I don’t like these “live forever” promises. I don’t know if making better food choices can actually save me in the future. Maybe it can, maybe it can’t. But what I know for sure is that it improves the quality of my life today. But that’s me.