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Raw Brownie

There’s nothing better than chocolate, right? So today, on this sunny Saturday afternoon I’m ready to share with you the recipe of the raw version of an all-times favorite… brownie!

It’s an elegant and very simple recipe. And no special equipment – just a food processor. It’s also a gluten and refined sugar free dessert, that is made only with natural ingredients and is simply packed with health benefits

For 12-15 pieces, 15 minutes preparation + 1 hour freezing:

150g almonds
150g walnuts
50g cacao nibs
12 fresh dates
4 tbsp raw cacao powder
Pinch of salt

150g raw vegan dark chocolate
100g coconut milk
More walnuts for decoration

Soak the dates in cold water for about 10-15 minutes
Mix nuts, salt, cacao nibs and cacao powder in food processor. Blend until finely broken down
While processer is still on, add dates to the mixture one by one. If the crust seems too dry after all the dates are in, you can add some of the water from the dates
Place the dough in a square parchment lined form. Mine is 20x20 cm. Let it set in the fridge
Meanwhile, melt chocolate on low temperature on double boiler. Add milk and stir until well combined
Pour chocolate over the dough – put back in a freezer for a about an hour
Take it out of the freezer, cut in small bars and enjoy!