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Raspberry White Chocolate BonBons

Another healthy recipe is now on. I very often find myself craving something sweet, but eating the whole bar or a piece of cake or even a square of fudge feels way too much. So why not BonBons?

For 35-40 bonbons

250 ml cacao butter
100 ml cashew butter
3 tbsp blended raspberry
3 tbsp maple syrup
Pinch of salt
Fresh raspberry

Melt cacao butter on double boiler. Don't overheat! Otherwise it will lose its health benefits and might even change its flavor, smell and testure.
Cool it down a little before adding other ingredients. It should be approx room temperature
Blend or mix all the ingredients until smooth and well combined
Fill the silicone molds with the chocolate mixture and tap a few times to remove air bubbles
Put into fridge to set. It will take approx 1-1,5 hours