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Peanut Butter

“Soak the antinutrients away” is one of the first commandments of S-Foodies. It is essential to soak all nuts and seeds at least for a few hours to activate all the “good” stuff, while letting all the “bad” disappear in the sink

Not like I’m boasting but that’s why we have a number of customers with a slight allergic reaction to nuts (myself included) that have no problem with our cakes whatsoever

But then the quest remains: what to do with ready-made nut butters? Like peanut butter for instance? I am just about 99,9% sure that nobody soaks those

The answer: make your own. Yes, it’s more energy/time consuming, but this is the only way I know it’s properly done. And quality is, and always will be, my number one priority

As it turned out, making one is easy peasy. All you need is:
Pre-soaked and dried peanuts (or any other nut of your choice)
Food processor
And a secret ingredient I always luck...patience

And then you let it blend. And then you wait... and don’t forget to let food processed rest, cuz it might get tired and start burning. And then you blend again and again until it becomes a smooth paste. And it will, I promise

And then. You eat and enjoy your own nut butter knowing it’s the highest quality possible