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Chocolate Blueberry Pie


1 cup almonds ⠀
1 cup cacao nibs ⠀
1 tbsp cacao powder ⠀
10-12 freaks dates (pitted and soaked for 15 minutes)

Blueberry Layer:
1 cup blueberry ⠀
100 ml of water ⠀
Liquid sweetener to taste (I use maple syrup) ⠀
1 tsp agar agar

Chocolate Layer:⠀
150g vegan chocolate (shaved) ⠀
100 ml coconut cream (room temperature)

1. For the base: process the dry ingredients in a food processor until broken down. With the processor still running, add dates one by one. The dough should start to form a ball.
2. Press the dough into an even layer into your baking form (I had 18cm). Put into a fridge to set. ⠀
3. For the blueberry layer: blend blueberries and sweetener. Move the mixture into a small saucepan. ⠀
4. Add water and agar-agar, whisk everything together. Bring to boil, then lower the heat and let the mixture simmer for a couple of minutes.
5. Pour the prepared blueberry layer on top of the base. Then let it cool in room temperature and once it has completely cooled down place the form back into the fridge until fully set.⠀
6. Melt chocolate on a double boiler and add coconut cream. ⠀
7. Pour chocolate on top of the blueberry layer. Place back into the fridge to set.

Decorate with fresh blueberry or whatever you fancy.

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