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Aqua Faba Explained

Aqua Faba is viscous water you drain off a can of chickpeas. The word Aqua Faba comes from two Latin words: aqua for water, faba for bean. When whipped, Aqua Faba rises and thickens into a big, white, foamy cloud that you'd be hard-pressed to distinguish from meringue.

Checklist for Aqua Faba:

※ Sift your chickpea brine! There is a big fat chance that your Aqua Faba won’t whip if pieces of beans are left in the brine.

※ Make sure the bowl is clean. When it comes to making a meringue, fat is the enemy.

※ If you’re not making an actual meringue, a little bit of lemon juice would do the stabilizing trick just perfectly.

※ But if you are making a meringue, use sugar and some gum to stabilize it. Be careful and do not use too much! Oh and yes, almost forgot- salt!

※ Don’t rush the process! It’s impossible to overwhip (like eggs). So take your time whipping Aqua Faba until you reach stiff peaks.