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Natural Colouring

Natural food colourings originate from a wide range of sources like vegetables, fruits, plants, minerals, and other edible natural sources. They are a fun and safe way to make your desserts pretty without compromising the healthiness of it.

※ Pink ⠀
Beetroot powder ⠀
Pitaya powder ⠀
Freeze-dried raspberry powder

※ Yellow ⠀
Turmeric ⠀
Passion fruit powder

※ Green ⠀
Matcha ⠀  
Spinach ⠀  

※ Blue ⠀
Blue spiulina ⠀
Blue matcha

※ Indigo ⠀  
Butterfly pea powder ⠀
Blueberry powder ⠀
Maqui berry powder ⠀
Acai powder

※ Black ⠀
Activated charcoal

Some of them are very bright and extremely strong. Some are lighter and milder. Some, like spirulina and turmeric, have a very distinct flavor, so you need to be extremely careful.

But all of them are so much fun to experiment with, so have fun and give them a try.