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When it comes to Christmas sweets, one of my personal favorites is Ischoklad. Oh those soft chocolate bites that are melting in your mouth… Pure pleasure

The only problem that I have with buying a bag on Ischoklad in a supermarket - is the ingredients. In order to make a product cheaper and prolong shelf life, factories use highly processed vegetable oils that contain trans-fats which are no good to us to say the least

While originally, it’s a healthy treat. It should contain only 2 ingredients – dark chocolate and coconut oil. And good dark chocolate should have only 3 ingredients: cacao pasta, cacao butter and sugar.

Therefore, I strongly recommend choosing Ischoklad carefully. Or better - make it yourself

150g extra virgin coconut oil
250g vegan dark chocolate, I use 70% cacao from Malmö Chokladfabrik

Melt everything on double bath
Pour into forms
Let is solidify in the fridge

If you want to go even further and skip using ready chocolate, then:
200g extra virgin coconut oil
100g cacao pasta/50g cacao powder
100g almond butter
70 maple syrup

Make with the same instructions