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Healthy Sweets - With love to nature and yourself

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Healthier Coffee Break from S-Foodies

If you have a regular fika at your workplace, we have a perfect solution for you. We offer a package deal for companies that order weekly fika at S-Foodies.

Now you can order healthier fika to your team, that:

  • Gives real energy instead of sugar shock
  • Is made with only natural whole food ingredients, and therefore is rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • Works for all eating preferences and allergies – it’s 100% plant based, free from added refined sugar and gluten. There are nutfree options available as well.
  • Is anti-inflammatory
  • Saves your time for making a descision, order and pick ut every time
  • Comes as a surprise every time

S-Foodies Surprise Box

  • Choose your option
  • Choose day, time, adress and amount of people
  • Get a new surprise box every time – delivery included!

Get more, pay less

  • Portion 65-100g
  • Once a moth – 45 SEK/person
  • Every other week – 40 SEK/person
  • Every week – 35 SEK/person

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