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Lime and avocado cake

It's time for another recipie; make this delicious and fresh raw cake at home. Perfect for a sunny spring day!

The base
10 pitted dates, soaked for 15 minutes ⠀
250 ml almonds ⠀
100 ml sunflower seeds ⠀
150 ml pumpkin seeds ⠀
A pinch of salt ⠀
Zest of 1 lime

To do:
Process the almonds and seeds until they've broken down. ⠀
Add the lime zest and the salt.
With the processor still running, add dates one by one until the mixture forms a dough.
The texture your're going for: you should be able to form a ball without it crumbling or sticking to your fingers.⠀
Press the dough evenly into a form.

Lime and avocado mousse
Two ripe avocados ⠀
150 ml fresh mint leaves ⠀
200 ml coconut cream ⠀
Liquid sweetener of your choice to taste⠀
The zest of 1 lime ⠀
The juice of 2 limes ⠀
120–150 ml melted coconut oil ⠀
A pinch of spirulina for color (optional)

To do: ⠀
Process all the ingredients until well combined .⠀
Pour it onto the base.
Put the cake into the freezer to set (for around 3 hours or overnight)

Wait, serve and enjoy!

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