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Chocolate Raspberry Bars

When both soul and family are asking for a dessert and a dessert, the best we can do is to avoid empty calories. So I’m always try to choose ingredients that would do you good after all

So here it is – Raw Chocolate Raspberry bars

This particular one is one of my favorite recipes. The only problem – it doesn’t hold in room temperature. It even has a problem holding in a fridge. So important tip for you: freeze it! It’ll stay there in an airtight container for about 2 months. I guess. Because mine never had to stay there so long.

It’ll take only 10 minutes until you can eat them. They’s have a nice creamy and a bit crispy texture.

170 g melted coconut oil. Provides for our skin and hair health, improves blood cholesterol level and brain function. It’s even recommended for weight loss
100g almond butter. Almonds are packed with micro elements that are assisting our bodies in heart, brain, dental and bone health. It also believed to help us control blood sugar levels
50 g raw cacaco powder. Famous for improving the mood! Also it’s helps us fight inflammation
100 g maple syrup. Natural sweetener that is not as empty as sugar
Raspberry, basically as much as you want, and no need to mention its health benefits.
Chopped almonds and cacao nibs – as much as you’d like
Pinch of salt

Mix everything until smooth, pour into a form, freeze for at least 2 hours. When the mixture is set, cut it into bars. Enjoy and don’t overeat however tempting. Store in a freeezer.