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Chocolate Tart

Around 20 cm, 10-12 portions

50g melted coconut oil
4 tbsp coconut milk (or any plant based milk)
30g coconut sugar
120g GF oats or sunflower seeds
70g almonds

Processed oats and almonds into crust
Add other ingredients until well combined
Press the dough evenly into a form
Put into a fridge

Take all the fruits and berries you want. As much as you think suitable. I had the seasonal - local apples and blueberries
Cut them into even medium pieces and place on the dough

Chocolate Ganache
200ml coconut cream⠀
200g good quality dark chocolate

Melt the chocolate on double bath. Add coconut cream and whisk until combined⠀
Pour over the fruits. Let is set in a fridge for a few hours⠀

Done! Enjoy your perfect chocolate cake!