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Healthy Sweets - With love to nature and yourself

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At S-Foodies we create delicious ethical and healthy cakes that suit everyone!

At S-Foodies we make cakes with real food - produced with care, that nourishes our body and mind. Here empty calories are transformed into real energy and processed ingredients are replaced whole nuts, fruits and berries. Simply the easiest step towards healthier living!

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Latest blog posts

  • 2021-01-21 16:57 Recipe Index

    Tahini White Chocolate Cups

    These raw vegan cups are crazy delicious and they use date caramel which only adds to their nutrition. 

  • 2021-01-14 21:28 Recipe Index

    Date Caramel

    A nutritiously delicious, and super easy recipe, which can be used in a number of recipes.  A super delicious addition to any recipe or just on its own as a spread or dip. 

  • 2021-01-08 09:59 Recipe Index

    Protein Peanut Butter Cookies

    A healthy cookie, but that doesn’t taste healthy. The perfect treat for the whole family.